Why gotv is not showing after subscription

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Why is my gotv not showing after subscription?

Why gotv is not showing after subscription.

Assuming you are one of the GOtv subscribers dealing with any sort of issues or incapable to watch your GOtv after subscription then welcome locally available, this guide will assist you with getting your concern settled effortlessly.

Numerous GOtv users have whined that they are as yet unfit to observe any TV channels subsequent to paying for their membership, in other words, that after subscription the channels are as yet encoded.

Here, we will figure out why you are as yet not ready to watch your #1 TV channels on GOtv after subscription and how you can tackle such an issue. Before we continue let me advise you that GOtv and Dstv are claimed by Multichoice, a South African possessed firm. I emphatically accept that you will find an answer for anything issue you are looking for with your GOtv in light of the fact that I know how it functions.

Reasons why gotv is not showing after subscription

Here are the reasons why your Gotv will not show up after your subscription:

  • Your Gotv decoder was off during payment.
  • You did not pay the full subscription amount.
  • The system failed to activate your account automatically.
  • Maybe there is a little technical problem with your Gotv account.

Those are the reason why your Gotv channels are not showing after payment.

What you can do to solve the problem

Whenever I made this post I was helping loads of GOtv clients to tackle their issues however at a point, it begins requiring all my investment and truly I am not a GOtv specialist or at all partnered to them, as a matter of fact, they don’t realize that somebody like me exist. So I needed to pause and zero in on my business yet am troubled seeing individuals weeping for help without me helping them. I will tell you the best way to address specific issues all alone.

  • Download MyGOtv App here if you are using an Android phone
    Install it and open the app
  • When you open the app you will see some options like Country, Name or phone number, and IUC number
  • Select the country you are from on the list, Input your name or phone number connected to your GOtv account and then input your IUC number and click Login.
  • If all information provided is correct then you will be logged into your profile.

Once you are in, you will be able to clear errors, reconnect your GOtv, downgrade or upgrade your GOtv account in one click. It will be easier for you to make a payment, and you will not be needing agents to subscribe to your GOtv for you.