‘Students To Defend Their Waec Result Individually, Before It Can Be Released’ WAEC

'Students To Defend Their Waec Result Individually, Before It Can Be Released' WAEC

CURSORY : Students from 235 schools had their WAEC results delayed because they used artificial intelligence (AI) during their examination.

Students from 235 schools have had their scores from the senior school certificate exam delayed by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) in Ghana due to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) during their examination.

According to John Kapi, the WAEC spokesperson in Ghana, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) is just one of the numerous irregularities they found while grading the students.

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How WAEC discovered that test takers had used AI

According to BBC Pidgin, Kapi clarified in an interview that exam script marker discovered answers produced by artificial intelligence (AI) programs.

Some candidates wrote that ”they were not familiar with the term used in their booklet”, while others said “They can’t detect the term used on their booklet”.

He said it showed that the candidates typed some of the exam questions on their mobile devices while in the exam hall.

The WAEC spokesperson said the same pattern was found in the answers provided by some of the other candidates. Kapi said this is the first time WAEC will find out about this kind of irregularity in the exam

“We want to collaborate with the education service about the strict regulation of the use of mobile phones for second-cycle institutions.”

WAEC went on to say that the exam authority is still looking into the situation, which is why the results are being withheld.

The test council declared that all affected applicants would be invited to defend themselves.

Additionally, Kapi stated that WAEC will reach out to the candidates via SMS or list their names on newspaper pages so they can physically defend their scripts.

“We’ll tell it to them that this is what we find from the investigation and expect them to explain how it happened.”

“Based on what they will say, a committee together with the examiners will determine if they will release their results or cancel it”

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