Student Takes to Crowdfunding to Secure £7,000 for University Fees

Student Takes to Crowdfunding to Secure £7,000 for University Fees

Cursory: Joanna Idowu, an international student at Birmingham City University, faced potential discontinuation of studies due to £14,500 outstanding tuition fees. Initiating a GoFundMe page, she successfully raised over £7,300, providing hope for completing her media and communications degree. Ongoing efforts aim to cover the remaining funds, with the university stating financial discussions are handled confidentially and case by case.

An international student, Joanna Idowu at Birmingham City University (BCU), has successfully raised over £7,000 amid concerns that she might have to discontinue her studies due to outstanding tuition fees.

Facing the necessity to pay half of the £14,500 outstanding by Friday to continue her degree, the 20-year-old from Nigeria, majoring in media and communications, launched a GoFundMe page as a last resort.

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Her fees were previously covered by a family member, but due to Nigeria’s deteriorating socioeconomic situation, they are no longer able to contribute.

Unable to self-fund fully due to work restrictions, she works 20 hours a week as a recruitment assistant to cover living expenses.

“I am also unable to self-fund as I can only work 20 hours a week in the UK, which I currently do as a recruitment assistant to fund my living expenses such as rent, feeding, and transportation,” Ms Idowu wrote.

“The completion of my education now depends on you. I am not asking out of entitlement, but rather out of desperation,” she added.

Since initiating the fundraiser, she has raised more than £7,300, over half of the required tuition fees.

In a recent update, she joyfully shared that her university confirmed she can continue her studies this year.

Despite reaching this halfway point, she urges continued support, story sharing, and donations.

In her words: “With so much joy in my heart, I want to inform you that my university has now updated me that I will be staying to complete my studies this year!”

She hopes to continue to raise money for the remainder of her tuition.“We are only halfway through this journey so please continue to support me, share my story and make a donation,” she said.

A BCU spokesperson emphasized that discussions with individual students are handled “on a case-by-case basis and remain confidential.”

Credits: ALLSCHOOL, Independent

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