“Smallest Corper” Video Trends as NYSC Member Stands Out for Small Stature

"Smallest Corper" Video Trends as NYSC Member Stands Out for Small Stature

Cursory: A TikTok video shared by @queenfheezy features a small-sized corps member at the NYSC orientation camp, capturing viewers’ attention. Despite his petite stature, he proudly participates in the National Youth Service Corps, earning the title of the smallest person in his platoon.

A video shared on TikTok by @queenfheezy has captured the attention of viewers as it features a smallish corps member walking alongside a colleague at the NYSC orientation camp.

Dressed in the familiar white NYSC uniform, this ‘smallie’ corps member may be small in size, but he’s certainly making a big impression. With his petite stature, some might mistake him for a child, but don’t be fooled – he’s a proud participant in the National Youth Service Corps.

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According to the lady who shared the video, this charming corps member holds the title of the smallest person in her platoon at the orientation camp. Despite his size, he’s making waves with his confidence.

The video has sparked a flurry of comments from social media users, with one person claiming to recognize him as a student from the Federal Polytechnic, Nekede. Others chimed in, sharing their own encounters with him at the NYSC orientation camp in Yikpata, Kwara state.

The video continues to spread positivity celebrating diversity and embracing the unique qualities that make each of us special!

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@BondBreeze:wait are you kidding me

@@FOOD N’PERFUME VENDOR IN LAG:We had his kind as well during C2 last year @dakingari camp ,kebbi

@Stephanieotu3:Na all camps Dey get smallie😂😂


@Honeydrop:This guy don trend reach tiktok😂..Na my platoon him dey for camp Yikpata

@julibby:i know this guy he schooled at federal poly nekede Owerri

@AkisAlright:I’m proud of you surlivan…9 years ago I tutored you as a corps member in Heritage school in Owalla Avuvu and now you’ve also Abey the clarion call

@Spotless:He graduated from my school federal polytechnic nekede owerri

@munalight:surlivan amadi am proud of u, our five years in nekede wasn’t a waste

@Pharmtech Diamond 💎:Na my coursemate be that oooo. From the department of pharmaceutical technology

@AlamsGoody:My gee, my friend 😁😁Na my guy be this oo

@Amakarrh😍:E don win Mr Petite 😂😂

@❦BamBam❦:So we dey camp here together 😂

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