Nigerian Lecturer Treats Students to Free Food in Class

Nigerian Lecturer Treats Students to Free Food in Class

Cursory: A Nigerian lecturer garnered attention on social media for generously providing free food to his students during a class session at the University of Ilorin. Shared on TikTok by @tastespecial2, the video showed students enjoying plates of fried rice distributed by the lecturer.

In a heartwarming display of kindness, a Nigerian lecturer has captured the hearts of many after a video surfaced on social media showing him treating his students to free food during class. The heartening moment, shared on TikTok by Ilorin chef @tastespecial2, quickly went viral, leaving viewers touched by the lecturer’s generosity.

According to the TikTok clip, which was tagged with the University of Ilorin (UNILORIN), students were seen joyfully indulging in plates of fried rice provided by the lecturer. The food, neatly packed in plastic plates and contained within a large sack, was distributed to the delighted students, who savored every bite as the camera panned around the classroom.

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While @tastespecial2, who appeared to be among the beneficiaries of the lecturer’s kind gesture, didn’t disclose the lecturer’s identity, the video serves as a testament to the positive impact educators can have on their students beyond academics.

This heartwarming act of generosity is not the first of it’s kind. Nigerian lecturers have consistently shown compassion and support to their students in various ways, from providing free meals to assisting students in need during challenging times.

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@Spiritual Wife:May he be blessed

@blechinyere:you sure say all of una never fail he come use style give una food so that una go get strength cry 😂😂

@Venus:You sure say nah the same unilorin wey I dey 😂😂😭But una no share update Na

@user7035248248441:i don’t know him but i pray God fulfill his heart desires 🙏🙏

@Queen Nita🥺❤️:Ambrose Alli lecturers nur see this one do o, na so so pay money for textbooks and buy materials 😩

@Maureen 🌹🌹:e go pain me if i miss class that particular day🙄

@chacha:my time na so so strong question papers them share through out.

@Ese Gold:Una no get any reason to fail he course 😂😂😂

@Manyr Mubarak:Our lecturer shared drinks for us, very nice woman

@T.B.L✨✨:It can never be Ekiti state university lecturers 😂

@gbolagadetaiwo443:What a kind gesture@Nwaoma💕:I go cry blood if I miss classs that day

@PHUMBI:Ahh, in this same Unilorin 😂😂. Which faculty and please allow us to save the videos

@Ameliawatkins94:People wey no come class 😂

@Lazy dancer🌸💗 💃:Our lecturer don kuku do am before but we cried at the end 😭😂any laspotech banking and finance students here?? That man wey share biscuits for us ?😭HND2 2nd semester 😂


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