New Method to Change JAMB Names, DOB, LGA, etc.

New Method to Change JAMB Names, DOB, LGA, etc.

There is a new method to change details such as names, Date of birth, Local government area, etc. on JAMB unlike how it used to be done. This happened since the introduction of NIN for JAMB registration.

Therefore, Once the profile code is generated, subsequent corrections to names on the NIN platform do not automatically reflect on the JAMB portal. Instead, the names initially generated with the profile code persist after registration.

To be able to change Names, DOB, or LGA on JAMB, you must follow the new method as explained in this article!

New Method to Change JAMB Names, DOB, LGA

For those who did not generate a profile code before rectifying name mistakes on NIN, the correction should automatically reflect with the profile code and, as a result, on the JAMB site, assuming no profile code with inaccurate names was previously generated.

However, candidates who had generated profile codes in previous JAMB sessions (or done JAMB before) with incorrect names but later corrected them on NIN before reactivating the profile code for the current year must send a text with the keyword “REQUERY” followed by a space and your actual NIN to 55019/66019. This action is necessary before expecting the corrected names to reflect with the activated profile code and during registration.

JAMB stated in another release.


The previous practice of correcting names at a JAMB office after generating a profile code might not be applicable going forward. below is the new method of correction of JAMB names.

  1. The current procedure involves first correcting names on NIN.
  2. Then send a “REQUERY NIN” text to 55019/66019.
  3. Obtaining the JAMB PIN using the corrected/reactivated profile code, and subsequently completing the registration.

This ensures that the corrected names are reflected in the reactivated profile code and, consequently, on the JAMB portal.

Wrapping up…

The new method of JAMB’s name correction procedures highlights the need to follow a careful and timely approach. Contrary to popular assumption, names, states, LGAs, genders, and other information can still be corrected in some cases.

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