LASU Notification of Guidelines & Safety Advice for Students

LASU Notification of Guidelines & Safety Advice for Students

Lagos State University, LASU notification of guidelines & safety advice for students

The University Senate at its 305th Statutory Meeting held on Thursday, 28th December 2023, considered a paper Ref. No LASU/SEN/ST.305/023/040, on the Guidelines and Safety Advice for Lagos State University Students as recommended by the Acting Dean, Students Affairs Division.

Senate, after due consideration, noted that this had been the practice before and thereafter agreed that the students should continue to adhere to the underlisted measures to ensure their safety within and outside the university campuses:

  • All students must wear their Identity Cards at all times within the campus and carry them outside the campus.
  • Students must comply with all university protocols and regulations regarding the dress code.
  • Students who come to the university for night reading are advised to arrive early and leave when visibility is clear.
  • Students should exercise caution when boarding commercial vehicles, using designated bus stops, and avoiding vehicles without proper identification.
  • Students are advised to choose hostels in areas populated by fellow students.
  • Students should avoid walking alone outside the school gate after 8.00 pm and travel in groups whenever possible.
  • Students should maintain vigilance, particularly at specific locations such as First Gate, Agboroko, Iyana School, Alaba Rago, and LASU Badagry Gate.
  • Students should inform their peers and parents about their whereabouts when leaving their homes or hostels.
  • Students should stick to well-lit areas when walking alone on campus or nearby areas, especially at night.
  • Students should be cautious about accepting lifts from strangers.
  • Students are advised against sharing personal information, such as home address or phone numbers, on social media platforms.
  • In case of an emergency, students can use the LASU Monitor or contact any of the following numbers:

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