How to recharge Gotv without waiting for salary

How to contact Gotv customer care easily

How do I recharge Gotv?

How to recharge Gotv without waiting for salary.

How to recharge Gotv without waiting for salary
How to recharge Gotv without waiting for salary

Many clients of Gotv hang tight for their month-to-month pay prior to making installments, yet Gotv re-energize should be possible whenever and, surprisingly, in modest quantities.
This guide examines key ways of re-energizing your Gotv without trusting that your compensation will be paid.

We are mindful of how once in a while these Government organizations might consume most of the day to clear your compensation for installment.

Sooner or later, your Gotv decoder may be resting like, a manageable lion, before your membership after your compensation is in.
No one truly needs to reside in a house without a TV for a long time conceivable, so there ought to be a method for paying your Gotv membership before its expected date.

What is Gotv subscription?

Gotv recharge is the process of paying your subscription before or after your account has expired.

Recharging your Gotv decoder can be done any day and not necessarily when the subscription has expired. In fact, it is risky to wait for your subscription to expire before you pay.

What are The requirements to Recharge Gotv?

Below are the things you need to for Gotv recharge:

  • Gotv IUC number
  • Gotv Package you want to subscribe to
  • Recharge amount.
  • Full Customer name.

The ways of recharging Gotv

The ways of recharging Gotv
The ways of recharging Gotv

Here are the available ways you can use to recharge your Gotv:

  • Internet Banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • Mobile money for wallets
  • Direct Bank deposit
  • POS payments
  • Digital payment platforms, etc.

Ways to recharge Gotv without waiting for your salary

Salaries of workers are usually paid at the end of the month, but sometimes they delay, and if you depend on it to pay your Gotv bills, your account could one day take days before you can subscribe. In that case, you must use strategic means to subscribe to your account before it expires.

Here is what you need to do.
Your Gotv account is just like any wallet, which means you can make payments into it anytime and check your balance as well.

So, suppose your Gotv package price is 300 naira, and you make a 10naira payment into your account.
It means that in 30 days time, you will have 300naira in your account to recharge your account.