How to apply and Become a Gotv agent

How to contact Gotv customer care easily

How do I Become a Gotv agent?

How to apply and Become a Gotv agent.

How to apply and Become a Gotv agent
How to apply and Become a Gotv agent

Could it be said that you are searching for a significant business thought in Africa? I prescribe to you Gotv specialist, and this guide is all you want, as we will impart to you how to turn into a Gotv specialist. Turning into a Gotv vendor offers you so many chances, and you can extend your business to track down additional prompts for your organization.
Nonetheless, Gotv has countless clients, and consistently, individuals are purchasing new decoders for their homes and making membership installments.

Subsequently, on the off chance that you are a specialist, you can serve a lot of clients to acquire sufficient benefits. Besides, the prerequisites for turning into a Gotv super seller are very few as you just need some capital and a little business experience, and you are all set.

Who is a Gotv agent?

Who is a Gotv agent?
Who is a Gotv agent?

A Gotv agent is someone with a Multichoice accreditation to sell or deal on Gotv products and services.
They render all kinds of services from Gotv to subscribers including decoders, subscriptions, account management, decoder activation, and more.

How to apply and become a Gotv agent

Below are the things you need to become a Gotv dealer:

  • Acquire a start-up capital.
  • Attend all Multichoice training.
  • Pass the assessment exam after completing Multichoice training.
  • You must have good customer relations.
  • A registered business certificate
  • A standard shop for Gotv goods and services.
  • Apply to become an agent.
  • Pay the franchise fee.

Those are the requirements you must meet to qualify for Gotv sub-dealer.

How to apply for Gotv agent

Here is how to apply to become a Gotv agent:

  1. Visit the nearest Multichoice or Gotv head office.
  2. Request for Gotv dealer application.
  3. You will be given the Gotv dealer or agent application form to fill.
  4. Kindly fill out the form with the right details and submit it.
  5. Add any other documents they may request.
  6. Pay related fees and complete your application process.
  7. Once you have successfully completed the process, you will be given other necessary details before your request will be sent for assessment.
  8. After an assessment, if your request is granted, you will be contacted through the mobile phone number you provided and given the necessary guidelines on how to start your Gotv business.