Enugu First Lady Assists Bereaved Children, Funds Scholarships

Enugu First Lady Assists Bereaved Children, Funds Scholarships

Cursory: Mrs. Nkechinyere Mbah, wife of the Enugu State Governor, has awarded scholarships for three children whose mother tragically died. Through her Custos Care Foundation, she ensures their education from nursery to university and arranges their relocation to a secure facility. The foundation focuses on assisting the socially disadvantaged, especially in maternal and child healthcare in Enugu State.

Mrs. Nkechinyere Mbah, the wife of the Governor of Enugu State, has pledged scholarships for the three children whose mother tragically took her own life after leaving them at the Ogui Police Station in Enugu. Through her newly established Non-Governmental Organisation, the Custos Care Foundation, Mrs. Mbah has committed to supporting the children’s education from nursery school all the way through university.

Additionally, Mrs. Mbah has arranged for the immediate relocation of the grieving children from the Ogui Divisional Police Station to a secure residential facility to ensure their well-being.

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The incident occurred when an unidentified woman, believed to be in distress due to hardship and depression, stripped herself and threw herself in front of a moving vehicle after leaving her children at Ogui Road in Enugu.

During a visit to the police station where the children were being cared for, Mrs. Mbah expressed deep sadness over the situation and emphasized the importance of ensuring that the children’s lives and futures are not negatively impacted by the tragic event.

“This is a very sad news and my heart goes out to these children. To be stripped of a mother’s love at the early stages of their lives is heartbreaking. But it has happened. So, what we will do going forward is to ensure that they are not stranded in life; that they do not lack quality education, and that their future and destinies are not truncated.

“So, for now, we will move them into a secure residential facility where they will receive adequate care. The Custos Foundation will also sponsor their education from primary to the university. We have to be there for one another,” Mrs. Mbah stated.

Furthermore, Mrs. Mbah underscored the significance of mental health awareness and encouraged individuals facing depression and related challenges to seek help and counseling without shame.

She also called upon the Enugu State Ministry of Children, Gender, and Social Development, as well as similar agencies at the federal and state levels, to intensify their advocacy for mental wellness, especially in times of crisis.

Mrs. Nkechinyere Mbah recently launched the Custos Care Foundation to provide essential assistance to the socially disadvantaged. The foundation has initiated projects focusing on maternal and child healthcare and welfare across the three senatorial zones of Enugu State.

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