DSTV Decoder Prices In Nigeria | DSTV Subscription Prices And Channels 2024/2025

DSTV Subscription Prices And Channels

DSTV Decoder Prices In Nigeria 2023: Are you interested in knowing the types of dstv decoders and their prices in Nigeria? Or do you ask questions like DSTV subscription prices and channels? Well, if so then you are welcome to the right page. In this content you will learn a lot about DSTV decoder prices in Nigeria, DSTV subscription prices and channels, and additional information regarding DSTV.

DSTV Subscription Prices And Channels

DSTV – also known as Multichoice – is probably the best cable TV in Nigeria due to its exciting programming that brings unlimited joy to Nigerians. Right? Yes!

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Quality TV service providers are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to cable television in this country thanks to their rich experience and ability to broadcast around the clock.

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Dstv Decoder Prices In Nigeria continues below

Since making a trip to the coast of the West African country in 1995, cable TV has become the first name on the lips of every Nigerian who wants to enjoy high quality soap operas, telenovelas, action films, Nollywood and Hollywood. dstv decoder prices in nigeria

DSTV subscription prices and channels | DSTV Decoder Prices In Nigeria

You may have heard of GoTv, Startimes, MyTv, and TSTV, but nothing can match DSTV’s quality of fun and entertainment.

This is because the highly rated TV service providers consist of many interesting channels that will keep you focus to your TV.

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Are you a football fan or are you interested in some sporting events? Watch Supersport 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10 among other Supersport channels and get the best and latest updates on Football, US Open (Tennis in general), Hockey, Formula 1, Golf, Basketball and WWE wrestling and other . Do you just love action movies? Movie Zone, AMC, Onmax, MNetW, and Movie Star are all available on DSTV with just one click. types of dstv decoders and their prices in nigeria

Watch Nigerian TV Channels, AIT, NTA, Silverbird and TVC to hear the latest news about the Nigerian government and all things affecting the country. Dove TV, Kingdom TV, Emmanuel TV, and Daystar are easily accessible to anyone who isn’t joking about the spiritual aspect of life as these channels are known for their uplifting (but only Christian) program. types of dstv decoders and their prices in nigeria

Types Of Dstv Decoders And Their Prices In Nigeria | DSTV Decoder Prices In Nigeria

Telemundo, Zeeworld, ZeeTv, Eva+ and Televista are available for every Hollywood and Bollywood lover. If you want your kids to have the best of their holidays, help them listen to Nickelodeon, Boomerang, Disney Junior, DisneyXD, Jimjam, and Cartoon Network because they have no choice but to watch fun and educational animations. dstv subscription prices and channels

MTV Base, Soundcity, Afro, Hip TV and Urban are some of the most watched channels for all Nigerian music lovers.

Lastly, if you fall into the category of people who can’t do without a local series or Nigerian (Nollywood) film, just grab the remote control and watch one of these channels – Africa Magic Urban, Africa Magic Epic, Africa Magic Family, Africa Magic Showcase, Africa Magic Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo; Trybe TV, WAP TV, Wazobia TV and others.

In short, DSTV consists of more than 200 channels. The higher your subscription plan, the more eligible channels.

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DSTV subscription prices and channels 2023

  • DSTV Access/Padi package for N2,150 a month
  • DSTV Yanga package for N2565 – N2950 a month
  • DSTV Confam package for N4,615 – N5300 in a Month
  • DStv Compact Package for N7,900 – N9000 a month
  • DStv Compact Plus Package for N12,400 – N14,250
  • DStv Premium Package for N18,400

In addition to providing the country with quality educational, information and entertainment programmes, Multichoice also ensures that many young people are trained on how to install a DSTV set-top box.

This initiative will eventually become a source of employment for all who have attended this training as they will be able to install other TV cables both nationally and internationally.

In addition to the above education, Multichoice also has plans for young African students who excel in their education. Companies often hold competitions for students on the continent to support their educational careers. dstv decoder prices in nigeria

Winners and runners-up of all competitions organized by Multichoice will receive cash prizes and scholarships. Sometimes the winners go on educational trips as all travel costs are covered by Multichoice. dstv decoder prices in nigeria

types of dstv decoders and their prices in nigeria

Plans and Packages/Bouquets | DSTV Subscription Prices And Channels

Depending on your financial capabilities, there are various plans or packages to choose from. DSTV is aware of the current difficulties in the country, which is why they have very affordable and cheap monthly plans. types of dstv decoders and their prices in nigeria

With N2000 you can enjoy 45 channels every month. However, you can use up to N15,800 for your monthly DSTV plan or subscription.

Below is a list of monthly DSTV plans and the amount you have to pay for a subscription:

DSTV Access

This is the cheapest DSTV plan you can get as it is designed for every average Nigerian.

Despite the low price of N2000 per month, you have the opportunity to enjoy over 45 local and international channels including Supersport Blitz, Trybe TV, AIT, NTA1, Televista and ZeeWorld. types of dstv decoders and their prices in nigeria

It’s important to let you know that the latest HD DSTV set-top boxes don’t support this plan, but that doesn’t stop you from enjoying high-quality pictures and channels from your old set-topper.

DSTV Family

This is the next monthly plan available to all DSTV subscribers. The DSTV family is rated at N4,000 and gives you the opportunity to enjoy over 55 channels – both local and foreign.

Some of the available channels include CNN, BBC, African Magic, Euro News, ESPN Classic, Mnet Series, and Cartoon Network, giving you a variety of templates to keep you up to date with shows around the world.

You will also enjoy 24 available audio services such as Voice of America, Ray Power FM and Star FM as long as you subscribe to this package.

Like DSTV access, this plan is not available for high-resolution decoders.

Compact DSTV

The Compact plan is an upgrade over the two plans listed as it lets you watch more than 70 local and international channels. MNet Action, BBC World, over six Supersport channels and Sony Entertainment are some of the channels available.

However, the DSTV Compact is slightly more expensive than the previous plan as it costs no less than N6,800 per month. Not available for HD decoder.

DSTV Compact Plus

This plan is a bit different from the compact DSTV in that it gives you more channels.

This package consists of more than 75 channels and is available on an HD set-top box. It is expensive because it costs N10 650 per month and only well-paying people can afford it.

DSTV Awards

This is the most expensive plan as you have to spend N15 800 for a monthly subscription. It consists of more than 85 channels and is available on an HD decoder, giving you high quality videos. Now, let’s move on to the dstv decoder prices in nigeria.

What is the DSTV Decoder Prices In Nigeria 2023?

Would you like to get a DSTV decoder for your newly built villa? or do you want to know what’s happening in Nigeria and around the world via the DSTV news channel? Here are the dstv decoder prices in Nigeria;

Here are the current types of DSTV decoders and their prices in Nigeria.

DSTV Decoder (without installation) === N10, 000 – N13, 000
DSTV Decoder (with installation) === N13, 000 – N20,000

Now that you have known the dstv decoder prices in Nigeria, let’s discuss about the reasons why you should choose DSTV.

dstv decoder prices in nigeria

Why you should choose DSTV | DSTV Subscription Prices And Channels

Have known the dstv decoder prices in nigeria, and dstv subscription prices and channels. The next is to read the advantages of DSTV.

Many Local Channels

Whether you understand English or not, DSTV is made for you as there are many local languages ​​to choose from. The Wonder House of Africa, the Igbo and the Yoruba are strictly dedicated to the country’s th0ree main ethnic groups.

Wazobia TV and WAPTV are also known for their pidgin programming for those who are not fluent in English or understand their local language. types of dstv decoders and their prices in nigeria

Subscription is Cheap

With only 2k you can watch up to 45 local and international channels. This has made it easier for low-wage workers who can’t afford expensive packages. dstv subscription prices and channels

Disadvantages of DSTV | DSTV Decoder Prices In Nigeria

Difficult installation

You need an expert to help you install the decoder because it is difficult. Installing a DSTV is another reason why you should spend more money as it costs no less than N3,000.

Highly Addictive

DSTV is very addictive, especially, for children. Which is why there is child lock feature on the Decoder. If not properly maintained, it make you useless. So, you have be ready to schedule your time wisely immediately you purchase DSTV Decoder.

That is all about the dstv subscription prices and channels, Dstv decoder prices in Nigeria, and types of Dstv decoders and their prices in Nigeria. If you have any question, leave it below.

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