Can I Apply for Direct Entry While at Service (NYSC)?


Can I Apply for Direct Entry While at Service (NYSC)?

As a National Youth Corp member currently serving, This article is written based on my personal experience and discovery.

I did a lot of research and asked many questions about how one could obtain Direct Entry forms while serving at NYSC. Is it allowed to seek admission to another university, through DE, while at NYSC – serving?

I will break this down as simple as possible;


As of the time of writing this post, I am an HND holder and wanted to consider obtaining another JAMB Direct Entry (DE) aiming to pursue a second degree with my HND. Is it legal to be at NYSC and still be pulling admission through Direct entry? Won’t I be deprived the admission if it’s known I have been to a polytechnic; even graduated and right now serving?

Reading this post, You now want to know if this is possible.

Can I Apply for Direct Entry While at Service (NYSC)?

YES! It is very possible to apply for admission to any university of your choice while serving (NYSC). As a serving corps member, you can still process admission into any university through the JAMB Direct Entry Form. DE admission, if offered, will admit you into the 200 or 300 level of your proposed course.

There is no place, statutorily, where NYSC forbids serving corpers from processing admission into universities while under the corps. This simply means, that since you have a year to complete your service, the year could just be used to process the DE admission without one overlapping the other.

The University Won’t Deprive you the Admission if Merited!

Wrapping up …

While serving as a corps member, it is indeed possible to pursue admission into a university through the JAMB Direct Entry (DE) process. If you are offered DE admission, it will allow you to enter the 200 or 300 level of your chosen course.

In reality, the odds of being denied admission by JAMB are only possible if they are aware that you are still enrolled in an educational institution.

However, since you have completed your previous degree or diploma program, you are no longer within their jurisdiction.

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