Best Websites To Buy Cheap Data/Airtime Online in Nigeria [2023/2024]

Best Websites To Buy Cheap Data Online in Nigeria
Best Websites To Buy Cheap Data Online in Nigeria

Best Websites To Buy Cheap Data Online in Nigeria: Welcome to here, as you have already known WITSPOT gives accurate and reliable information regarding many information like how to get free data on all networks in Nigeria, or how to buy huge data at cheaper rates. But in this post, we will be focusing on the best websites to buy data and airtime in Nigeria. Let’s dive in!

Best Websites To Buy Cheap Data Online in Nigeria

Whether you are a regular data user or a heavy data user, this platform has an affordable data plan for you. Take advantage of the cheapest data deals on all networks and do more in every area of ​​your life.

The globalization of technology and its modern advances have not only made things easier for mankind, but have also ensured efficiency in many ways.

Nigerian wireless service providers are continuously developing more services for their networks to enable high definition voice, internet and video communications.

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Imagine you want to buy airtime or bulk data for resale in Nigeria and your only option is to track down the network provider location to get airtime and then find a shop or location to sell your business to start. (Super-stressful)

And that’s why we have researched and found the best and cheapest data buying and reselling platform online in Nigeria to save you from unnecessary stress! In fact, this platform will not only save you from stress, but you will also make you money! Yes, you can buy cheap data and wholesale airtime and resell in Nigeria at amazing discounts. If you buy MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9mobile, you will get a discount on every purchase.


With Boostcard and Speedydata you really don’t need scratch card again.

If you want to resell data and know the right option is to buy in bulk, or you run out of airtime at night when you have nowhere to buy recharge cards. So Boostcard and Speedydata are cheapest platforms to buy and resell data/airtime in Nigeria.


PayCheap is a platform where you can buy mobile data plans, VTU pulses, bulk SMS, pay utility bills, TV subscriptions, transfer money to various Nigerian banks, generate WAEC PINs, exchange credit for money and much more.

The platform works in both web and mobile versions designed to provide the above services.

This website is designed to accommodate users and traders/agents. This gives the user the privilege of making fast transactions which save costs and make the process stress-free


If you are looking for a reliable website when it comes to buying cheap data online in Nigeria, you should check out Speedy Data and give it a try. This website also offers cheap internet data in Nigeria and sells data without lag on any network. You can buy MTN data only for N270 from Speedy Data and they sell cheap internet data for other networks like Airtel, GLO and 9Mobile.

As the name suggests, Speedydata is a new reliable and affordable platform to deliver your data packages to any Nigerian network at the best rates on Airtel, MTN, 9mobile and Glo and Airtime complements any Nigerian network.

Speedydata is a registered platform with the Corporate Affairs Committee (CAC). They offer data merchants fast data services at unbeatable prices.

Are you looking for?

Best Platform to Buy and Resell Mass Data in Nigeria,

Best platform to buy cheap data in Nigeria

How to buy cheap dates in Nigeria?

How to wholesale cheap dates and resell in Nigeria?

If yes, Speedydata is the right and best choice for instant data delivery. Speedydata lets you save money by renewing your DSTV, GOTV and Startimes subscriptions at discounted rates.

You can also pay your electricity bill at Speedy Data and their website to pay your cable and electricity bill without visiting the nearest office. Speedy Data is reliable and has many customers in Nigeria. You can visit to buy your cheap data online.

You don’t need to visit the PHCN office to pay your electricity bill because you can pay it online via Speedydata from the comfort of your own home.

Speedydata website is optimized for mobile devices. To be able to use this platform, you must register with Speedydata in order to use this service. You have everything to use Speedydata and you won’t regret it!

Best Websites To Buy Cheap Data Online in Nigeria

Another amazing thing about Speedydata is that you can have your personal data resale website like Speedydata for just 20,000. You can create your own data resale website for as little as 20,000 and start your own data resale business. You don’t need any technical knowledge to get started because everything is already prepared for you.

How To Register On Speedydata

To buy and resell cheap data and airtime in Nigeria from Speedydata, you must first register through the official website to activate your user account. Once you register, your dashboard will be activated and you will have access to the entire product suite.

Speedydata data is the cheapest so you earn more, you don’t have to worry about your subscription running out because the data transfer is automatic and you don’t have to subscribe to the data itself. In an emergency you are protected. Sounds funny doesn’t it!

Speedydata is one of the best and cheapest platforms to buy and resell data in Nigeria. Follow these steps step by step to register:

Getting started with Speedydata is easy, the following steps explain the process:

  • The first step to register is to visit the official website ( and click Register
  • After successful registration, the next step is to fund your account by clicking the deposit button and deposit directly into one of Speedydata’s bank accounts.
  • Your Speedydata wallet will be credited and you can start ordering data on any network.
  • That’s all you need to serve your customers directly from Speedydata.


Paygold is one of the Cheapest websites to buy cheap data in Nigeria for cheap SME data.

Paygold is a site that has a data reselling app where to buy data in bulk for resale.

Buying Mega cheap data deals on data reselling app as a data reseller is a wise decision because they offer cheap data for data resellers.

Therefore if you are looking for a site where to buy data in bulk for resale, search no more because Paygold got you covered.

Paygold has an intelligent system designed to deliver your data fast and make your customers happy. Mega cheap data deals for resellers.

Paygold is poised to offer you mega cheap data with our data reselling app, which is the best cheap data app to buy cheap sme data. Yes, our cheap data app comes with a lot of features cheap airtime VTU, cheap MTN SME data, an app to recharge electricity, an app to pay for cable tv subscription.

Paygold offers the best prices on cheap SME data. As a cheap data platform in Nigeria, you can buy cheap MTN data and resell in the comfort of your home. is one of the most popular websites in Nigeria when it comes to buying cheap internet data online. They don’t just sell data, they also buy from clients who want to sell it to them. They probably offer one of the cheapest data services in Nigeria and for no less than N250 you can buy a 1GB data plan from them which will serve you well. They also offer other services like paying utility bills and more.

If you need cash by exchanging airtime, you can also sell your airtime and get cash in your bank account instantly. is one of the best websites to buy cheap dates online in Nigeria. They offer fast service and cheap data that you can buy for any network.

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