Best Universities in UK for English 2024-2025

Best Universities in UK for English 2024-2025

Best Universities in UK for English 2024-2025: Studying English at a UK University is the undeniable dream of many around the world as the country itself offers students an unparalleled opportunity to immerse themselves in the language and literature of the country that has had such a significant impact on the English-speaking world.

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The United Kingdom is an English-speaking Nation hence the focus on English language education is very paramount. 

The Country is placed Top destination for students who want to study English at the University university level as it houses the Best Universities in the world suitable and renowned for numerous academic achievements and breakthroughs in the field. 

Today, we will take you through our highlighted lists of Top Universities in UK for English.

Lists Of Best Universities in UK for English

The University of Manchester

The University of Manchester is prominent and remarkable for being one of the Universities in the UK that delivers quality education in the English department. 

According to research, the University’s English Studies department is one of the oldest and most distinguished in the United Kingdom today.

Going on, The University has made significant contributions to the field of English Studies through its research and publications and has introduced various approaches to the field. 

Moreover, The University is highly commendable having produced some of the most influential scholars in English, literary, and cultural studies. Notable alumni include Terry Eagleton, a leading Marxist literary critic; Salman Rushdie, an acclaimed novelist; and Carol Ann Duffy, the former Poet Laureate of the United Kingdom.

Furthermore, The University Department of English Studies has published numerous books and articles on a wide range of topics, including medieval literature, Shakespeare, modernism, postcolonialism, and cultural theory.

For you to study the English language at the University of Manchester, it’s three years to bag a degree in the Study. 

University of Exeter

The University of Exeter is another excellent destination in the UK to have a sound degree in English Studies. The Department of English at the University of Exeter was established in 1954 and has since grown to become one of the most respected and influential English departments in the UK. 

Going on, The institution is renowned in English studies for its embracement in digital technologies and Utilization of research into the use of technology in the study of the English language and literature. 

The University English department has also played a significant role in the development of creative writing as an academic subject, with the establishment of one of the first creative writing MA programs in the UK in 1970. 

Moreover, it is established that the Institution Department of English has built strong links with industries and companies to ensure graduates secure good jobs after graduation. Amongst these companies are the Royal Shakespeare Company,  BBC, etc. 

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Durham University

Durham University has a long list of achievements and successes in the English field. The University is prominent for having played a significant role in shaping the field of English Studies, particularly in the areas of literary theory and criticism. 

In the most recent rankings by The Complete University Guide, Durham University beat famous Universities such as Lancaster, King’s College London, and others to be ranked second in the UK for English Studies. 

Going on, The University has graduated distinguished scholars and writers over the years, including the poet Basil Bunting, the literary critic F.R. Leavis, and the novelist and screenwriter Richard Adams. 

University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham has a global reputation for excellence in the English Field. The institution is known for its outstanding research, world-class teaching, and vibrant intellectual community in the professional field. 

To study English at the University, it is required that you are ready to dine among scholars of the Faculty as the department is equipped with top Professors of English in the Country. 

Going on, The University has produced many distinguished scholars and writers among which are the literary critic Terry Eagleton, the novelist David Lodge, and the poet Elizabeth Jennings

Lancaster University

Oxford and Cambridge University are the two Universities ahead of Lancaster to have been delivering quality English education in the UK today. 

Lancaster University Department of English was established in 1964 and despite its age, it galvanized its way to sit amongst the top Universities in the UK today for the English language. 

The University is one of the best institutions not only in the UK but in the world to study English Literature, Language, and Linguistics.

The English Department at the University of Birmingham has a global reputation for excellence. It is known for its outstanding research, world-class teaching, and vibrant intellectual community. 

University of Cambridge

Cambridge is among the top three Universities in the UK with a standard English studies structure today. The University Department of English Studies can trace its roots back to the 19th century when English was first introduced as a subject at Cambridge. 

In the mid-20th century, the Cambridge School of Criticism, led by F.R. Leavis made significant breakthroughs in literary criticism and theory, particularly in its emphasis on close reading and the importance of literary value.

It is established that many of the department’s graduates have attained successful careers in academia, journalism, publishing, broadcasting, etc. 

University of Oxford

Oxford is widely regarded as the birthplace of English studies in the whole world. Oxford University has been at the forefront of literary scholarship for centuries in English. 

According to research, English literature at Oxford dates back to the 16th century, with the establishment of the first endowed lectureship in English in 1502. 

However, we have it that the current English faculty at Oxford was established in 1894 and has since been the Oldest English faculty in the UK. 

The Oxford English faculty is also known for its contributions to the wider cultural and intellectual life of the university and the city of Oxford, through events such as the annual Oxford Literary Festival and the weekly Inklings meetings, which were attended by famous writers such as Tolkien and Lewis. 

Moreover, Many famous writers, scholars, and critics have been associated with the Oxford English faculty, including T.S. Eliot, J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, W.H. Auden, and Philip Larkin.

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Where is the best place to study English in the UK?

There are numerous Universities in the UK where you can get a quality degree in English Studies. Oxford University ranks number one University in the Country where you can get an English studies degree. Asides from Oxford, Cambridge is another excellent destination to graduate with a quality English degree.

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Which country studies English the most?

The country that studies English Studies is the United States of America. The report shows that it is the most popular destination for studying English as a foreign language. Have we mentioned that the USA has the most English-speaking population in the world? 

Wrapping Up Best Universities in UK for English 

I’m confident that this post has given you all the information you need to know about Best Universities in UK for English 2024-2025 . Kindly note that the information provided in this content is subject to change; however, we will keep updating this content if there is a need to.

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