Benefits of joining Ruggable’s Spill™ Club

What are the Benefits of joining Ruggable’s Spill™ Club?

Benefits of joining Ruggable’s Spill™ Club.

As a Spill™ Club member, you earn 1 Spill Point for every $1 spent on

These Spill Points can be converted to cash savings: 100 points = $10 off! Plus, all members get free birthday and anniversary discounts, early access to all promotions, and first dibs on new products.

You also get access to exclusive offers, birthday discounts, and other members-only perks. Create an account now to start earning Spill Points.

How to Join/create a Ruggable’s Spill™ Club Account

  2. Then at the TOP RIGHT, click on SIGN UP/Login
  3. put in your ACCOUNT NAME”Enter First Name and Last Name”
  4. Enter Email
  5. CREATE PASSWORD “At least 6 characters”
  6. Re-Enter Password
  7. Then SUBMIT

If you are ready to have a Ruggable account, CLICK HERE TO JOIN.

Spill™Club is entirely free to join—there’s no minimum spending amount required. So go ahead, sign up for Spill™ Club now and get in on those benefits.

Ruggable is a Los Angeles-based, venture-backed e-commerce company revolutionizing the market for residential and commercial rugs. Their patented 2-Piece Rug System allows you to remove the top layer of your rug and wash it in your home washing machine, offering an affordable, stylish and convenient solution for young families, pet owners, and busy individuals. They’re a small, entrepreneurial team with big ambitions. They have a strong brand, established traction, and amazing advisers fueling our steady growth.

Ruggable rugs come as a two-piece set with a non-slip rug pad and a top layer that attaches with a Velcro-like grip. Whether you need to clean up after pet or kid messes, you’ll find it’s easy to remove the top layer and put it in the washing machine and dryer. Based on our extensive research into washable rugs, we found that many rugs advertise as “washable,” but that doesn’t mean they’re machine washable like Ruggable, which clinched the top spot in our machine washable rugs tests.

If you’ve ever deep-cleaned a rug by hand or sprung for a professional carpet cleaner, you’ve probably also wished that you could just throw your rug in the washing machine. Ruggable rugs let you do just that: All of the brand’s rugs are entirely machine washable.


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