Airtel Social Bundle 100 For 500MB 2023-2024

Airtel Social Bundle 100 For 500MB

Airtel Social Bundle 100 For 500MB: The Airtel Social Bundle Plan, recognized as the Social Plan, has existed for a significant period. Many became aware of it only last year, in 2022, and now in 2023, Airtel has introduced an additional plan. This is the Airtel Social Plan, a 500MB bundle available for just N100 – a great bargain, isn’t it? We recently discussed the Airtel night plan in our recent post and Airtel free data you use to browse.

We view this as one of the most cost-effective data plans offered by Airtel, allowing you to access all your social media applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and more on your devices. Additionally, with the aid of VPNs such as Ha Tunnel Plus VPN, Stark VPN Reloaded, HTTP Injector VPN, Psiphon VPN, and others, you can utilize Airtel Social Data to browse all apps which support it.

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Airtel also offers another social media bundle – 700MB for N300. While many are familiar with this plan, we’re here to introduce something new altogether. Let’s delve into how you can avail of this Airtel Social Bundle 100 For 500MB.

Airtel Social Bundle 100 For 500MB

Airtel Social Bundle 100 For 500MB Introduction Continues below

Are you always on the hunt for the next best data deal? Yearning for that perfect blend of affordability and data capacity to keep you online, connected, and updated with the social world? Well, your search might just be over.

As a fellow data consumer and a devotee of the art of finding the best deals around, I’m thrilled to bring you some exciting news. I’m going to spill the beans on the newly minted “Airtel Social Bundle 100 For 500MB” – an offer that’s all about giving you more bang for your buck. This intriguing data plan is taking the digital sphere by storm and could potentially revolutionize how we stay connected on our beloved social media platforms.

Stay with me as we dive deeper into this data plan’s details. It’s time to unravel the secrets of the Airtel Social Bundle 100 for 500MB, unpack its features, and learn how you can make the most of it. So, brace yourself for a data-driven journey that’s as enlightening as it is cost-saving!

How To Activate Airtel Social Bundle 500MB For N100 Airtel Social Plan

Activating the Airtel Social Bundle of 500MB for N100, also known as the Airtel Social Plan, is straightforward and requires only a few steps. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Dial the code *141*104# on your mobile phone to subscribe to the Airtel 500MB social plan. This process is as simple as making a regular phone call.
  2. Before proceeding with the subscription, ensure that you have at least N100 airtime balance on your Airtel line. Without sufficient balance, you won’t be able to activate the plan.
  3. It’s crucial to understand that this plan isn’t universally available for all Airtel customers. It’s selective in nature, implying that you need to be eligible to activate it. This means the 500MB social bundle may not be accessible to all Airtel users.

This budget-friendly plan has been earmarked by Airtel as one of their ‘cheat plans’. Consequently, only a subset of customers have been selected to activate or subscribe to the Airtel 500MB plan.

Upon attempting to subscribe, you might receive a message stating your ineligibility for this plan. If this happens, there’s no need to panic or feel disheartened. Life, as they say, does not end there. There’s an alternative economical Airtel social plan that offers 700MB for just N300.

How to Activate the Airtel Social Bundle 700MB for N300 Airtel Social Plan

The Airtel Social Plan of 700MB for N300 is a breeze to activate, as most Airtel customers are eligible for this plan. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Dial *688# on your phone.
  2. Make sure your line has at least N300 balance. If you’ve got that covered, congratulations! You’ve successfully subscribed to one of the Airtel social plans offering a generous 700MB of data.

The next step is to learn how you can maximize your browsing experience by using VPNs that tunnel your browsing through their servers. But before we delve into that, let’s ensure we have all our requirements ready.

It’s important to note that we’ll be focusing on three VPNs: Ha Tunnel VPN, Psiphon VPN, and HTTP Injector VPN.

Necessary Tools for Powering Airtel Social Plan with VPN

Here’s what you need:

  1. Psiphon VPN:
  2. Ha Tunnel Plus VPN: You’ll also need a configuration file, provided here. It’s a .hat file.
  3. HTTP Injector VPN: Available on the Play Store or via this direct download link. You’ll also need an .ehi file, available here.

Please note: If the configuration file you downloaded has a .txt extension instead of the VPN extension, don’t worry. Simply download ES File Explorer, which you can use to edit the config file to the extension compatible with your chosen VPN.

Additional Information about Airtel Social Bundle 100 For 500MB

It would be great to share a few extra nuggets of information about the Airtel Social Bundle 100 for 500MB. These details might come in handy as you navigate your journey with this data plan:

  1. Exclusivity: As exciting as this bundle is, it’s important to note that it isn’t open to all Airtel customers. It’s a selective plan, meaning only a specific subset of users are eligible. So, don’t feel left out if you’re not able to access it; there’s a buffet of other great plans for you to explore!
  2. Balance Requirement: Make sure you’ve got at least N100 airtime on your Airtel line before you try activating this plan. This is a crucial step, as without the required balance, you can’t kickstart your data journey.
  3. Code to Dial: To subscribe to the Airtel 500MB Social Plan, all you need to do is dial 141104#. Just like that, you’re on your way to enjoying your new data plan.
  4. Pair with VPNs: To make the most out of this plan, you can pair it with VPNs like Ha Tunnel Plus VPN, Stark VPN Reloaded, HTTP Injector VPN, or Psiphon VPN. These VPNs will allow you to use your social data across all apps, further boosting your online experience.
  5. Alternative Plan: If you find out you’re ineligible for this bundle, don’t fret! There’s another Airtel social plan you can opt for that gives you 700MB for just N300. It’s like an open invitation to continue your online exploration!

Remember, staying connected is all about finding the plan that works best for you, so don’t be discouraged if one option doesn’t pan out. Happy browsing, everyone!

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Airtel Social Bundle 100 For 500MB

FAQs about Airtel Social Bundle 100 For 500MB

Let’s move into some frequently asked questions about the Airtel Social Bundle 100 for 500MB. I hope this will clear up any doubts you might have!

How can I subscribe to the Airtel Social Bundle 100 for 500MB?

It’s as easy as pie! Simply dial *141*104# on your mobile phone. However, ensure you have a minimum of N100 airtime balance on your Airtel line.

Can every Airtel customer access this plan?

Unfortunately, no. The plan is selective and isn’t universally available to all Airtel customers. So, don’t be surprised if you find out you’re ineligible – Airtel has many other fantastic plans you can explore!

Can I use this data to browse all apps?

By default, the plan is intended for use on social media apps. However, you can extend its usage to all apps by using VPNs like Ha Tunnel Plus VPN, Stark VPN Reloaded, HTTP Injector VPN, or Psiphon VPN.

What if I’m not eligible for this plan?

Don’t worry, the data world doesn’t end here! There’s an alternative Airtel social plan available, offering 700MB for just N300.

I dialed the subscription code but it’s not working. What could be wrong?

Check to make sure you have sufficient airtime balance (N100) on your Airtel line. If you do, then it’s likely that you’re not eligible for this plan. Remember, it’s a selective plan and only available to certain users.

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Wrapping Up

I hope this helps clear up some of the mystery around the Airtel Social Bundle 100 for 500MB. Remember, finding the right data plan is all about understanding what each plan offers and seeing if it matches your needs. Happy surfing!

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